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Cobble Hill, British Columbia


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Specializing in boutique hops for the floral industry

Nestled in the southern foothills of the Cowichan Valley lies the village of Cobble Hill, home to Cobble Hill Hop's 7-acre farm.

Farmhand Mater

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Tracy and her farming partner and long time friend Jenn enjoy spending time out amongst the rows getting hands-on with the plants and the land, giving the hops a hand-raised distinction that we know adds to the quality of the beautiful hops bines we produce.  The joy of growing hops is not for the faint of heart and must begin with a love of spending your days in the field immersed in nature.  Fortunately we both love the spiritual connection the feeling of soil in our hands brings us, and the sense of achievement we feel when our hops morph each season from crowning rhizome to soaring bine of over 18 feet (almost 6 Meters) high.  The effort and time involved in nurturing premium hops is a labour of love and patience.  It is this confluence of human endeavour and the seasonal progression from emerging shoots to fragrant forests of dazzling greens and seemingly Elysian cones that makes the time in the fields so gratifying.

In 2015 proprietors Dan and Tracy stumbled onto the mystical idea of becoming farmers. Actually the idea had always been inviting and mystical to Tracy, Dan being a wonderful husband agreed to help make it so. With the region already brimming with fruit crop and livestock farms, Dan and Tracy decided on a uniquely beautiful and fragrant seasonal perennial that they hoped would make the most of the diverse spaces they had available around the existing farm property.

The Vision

Photo of hops after rain

Our Products

Bines, Cones, Flowers, And More...

With over 700 plants in the ground and seven uniquely different varieties available, we have a beautiful and fragrant hop to bring your creative vision to fruition.


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